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Cafes belleville Neptaly Bautista Honduras 250g

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Roast Date: 15.03.2019

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  • In the world of coffee, Neptaly Bautista is one of its producers with whom we dream of working. For our part, it is the 6th year that we have this honor. Indeed, it has been six years since our Collaborative Coffee Source importer, based in Oslo, workeding with Mr Bautista to improve the quality and quantity of his coffee from harvest to harvest. For example, in order to better control each step of the drying processes of its coffees, Neptaly Bautista has enormously re-invests in drying tables and pulpers. The farm of Neptaly is called Finca El Jazmin and is located in the region of Santa Barbara - El Cedral (near the border with Guatemala).

    Neptaly's coffee always needs a lot of attention. This is due to the altitude (1,600m) and the high humidity that can generate low temperatures. But it is also its difficult conditions that bring to this coffee its specificities so interesting. Neptaly Bautista, driven in particular by its neighbors of the Moreno farm, launched itself in the production of great vintage coffee 7 years ago and its productions are part of the "Stars" cafés of Belleville.

    VARIETY: Pacas

    ROCESS: Washed

    In a cup, we get a slap in the face!, mixing complexity and balance: notes of candied fruit, honey and cane molasses subtended by acidity of granny apple and exotic fruits.

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