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Cafes belleville Hunapu Guatemala 250g

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Roast Date: 15.03.2019

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  • Hunapu means "mountain of flowers" in K'iche, the most common indigenous language in Guatemala. It is in the washing station called "Bella Vista", located at the foot of the volcano "Agua", that the Hunapu is cleaned.

    It comes from harvesting different small producers (1 to 4 hectares) around Antigua. The mixture of these different crops is the secret of this coffee!

    Hunapu was one of the first two cafes we had at Belleville. This is the 5th year we are working with "Bella Vista".

    David was also there during the harvest to meet the producers, exchange with them and select the different lots this year!

    VARIETY: Bourbons & Caturra

    PROCESS: Washed

    Hunapu is defined by its extremely balanced character to the juicy body that envelops the palate. It will develop notes of apple and sweet caramel. This cup balance is perfect for any type of extraction!